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How Whisper began

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step. Veronika Cejpkova & Antonio Genco began their epic journey in 2009 traveling extensively through eight countries in Africa integrating with local communities, meeting families, children, elderly people, witnessing how they lived. In order to truly understand what these people were going through. They immersed themselves into their world often traveling on the same shoddy transport to get from one destination to the next. They stayed in a remote village without access to water, electricity, kitchen and bathroom facilities.


Whisper in the media

Whisper's work has been extensively recognised in Uganda. Only for the year of 2013, Whisper appeared on international Ugandan TV WBS, where the documentary focused on the jigger flea problem, highlighting the help we offer in rural villages.

The widest sold New Vision newspapers also got attracted to write about two different stories from our work, that deeply touched hundreds of people's hearts.


The country

Uganda is described as a green land with its beautiful valleys and hills mostly in the south-west at the source of the Nile - the world's longest river which flows northwards to Egypt.


Daily life

Bellow is a description of typical day to day life in the commu-nities we serve in Uganda.

4:30 am: wake up, milk the cow



Ugandan towns and villages have plenty of local restaurants built in wood by the owners themselves. They offer basic food. With prices from 2500 Ugandan shilings (60p/$1).


Business & Employment

People try to run small busi-nesses to pay for their basic needs such as rent, food and school fees.


Sights & Attractions

Uganda is most popular for its wild waters on the river Nile in Jinja, which is described as the world's best water rafting or kayaking.



Uganda’s population is 34.5 million. In 2010 the average age in Uganda was just 15 years.