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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step. Veronika Cejpkova & Antonio Genco began their epic journey in 2009 travelling extensively through eight African countries, integrating with local communities, meeting families, children, orphans and elderly people, witnessing how they lived. In order to truly understand what these people were going through, they immersed themselves in their world, often travelling on the same shoddy transport to get from one destination to the next.
They stayed in a remote village without access to water, electricity, kitchen and bathroom facilities. They tried to see the world in their eyes, they still could not know how it felt falling asleep on the cold dirty ground full of parasites, hungry, thirsty and praying to God to receive love.
Unfortunately, for many people in the poorest parts of Africa, these situations are all too common, but what was even more alarming and unbearable to witness were the innocent children who for no reason of their own were dumped onto their extended families or simply on the street with barely any hope of making it to their next birthday. Other children are accommodated in orphanages that do no more than provide a place to sleep; many orphanages cannot feed the children every day and if they do, they are likely to eat just potatoes or rice alone.
Further investigation showed that they were lacking in simple needs such as extreme lack in education regarding proper hygiene, balanced diet, and medical attention. All too often a visit to the hospital would serve as a reminder of how life is indeed 'cheap' in Africa with the news of another death of a child due to the lack of basic needs.
Their ir travel inspired them go further and set up a charity to show how little is needed to change these children's lives. The most difficult on setting up Whisper was to raise the needed amount of funds, which they did via small fundraising events in their local dance community, collecting unwanted stuff for car boot sales, socks knitting and cookies baking. They have raised enough to start up their first project Whisper children’s home.
Veronika and Antonio are extremely dedicated to helping vulnerable children who given the opportunity are just as able as anyone else to fulfil their dreams and ambitions.