Many people try to run a small business to pay for their basic needs such as rent, food and school fees. Unfortunately many people cannot afford medical care for lack of funds. The most common small businesses are roadside stalls offering tailoring, shoe repair, fried and grilled food, fruit, vegetables and secondhand clothing. The secondhand comes from containers of donations from all over the world; unsold clothing from charity shops, and other donated clothes and shoes.
In towns there are other large businesses such as pharmacies, hardware shops, fabric and electrical and electronic supplies, which are dominated by Asian businessmen.
A typical salary for an employed Ugandan in a small town in hotels, projects, schools is 70-100,000 shillings (£20-£25/$28-$40) a month. Typical salaries in Kampala, the capital city, range from 300-400,0000 shillings (£75-£100/$120-$160) a month. The rate set by the government for teachers’ salaries in primary schools is 200,000 (£50/$80) a month; however it is very common for a government teacher to work without a contract for years, receiving a lower rate per month and teachers are not paid for school holidays.