Ugandan towns and villages have plenty of local wood restaurants buit by the owners themselves. They are very simple and offer basic food. From about 2500 Ugandan shillings (60p/$1) you can get a large portion of rice or posho accompanied by sweet potatoes, a piece of cooked fish , beef or beans.
Posho and beans is the most common meal and the cheapest and most energy giving meal of all Ugandans.
All government schools and most of the private primary schools cook posho and beans for lunch for all the kids throughout the year up to the secondary school.
Breakfast eaten in Ugandan schools is a watery porridge made from posho (maize flour) and water. Children have the porridge often without sugar when they don't buy it themselves. Another popular and higher quality porridge is one made from millet, which is again very watery; workers can buy it in the while plastic bags with a straw. Those are sold by local women who cook it on the stoves and serve it from their flasks. The porridge's watery consistency allows it to be sold cheaply.
Take away food is sold on the street, either friend or grilled on charcoal. You can find grilled beef sausages, chicken, fish, fries, fried cassava, corn on the cob, grilled bananas, fried cakes, chapati or eggs. This is something that a working man can get to eat throughout the day as prices are from 300 shillings (8p/12c) for chapati up to 1500 (38p/60c) for grilled chicken. The most common drinks are water, which workers can buy locally packed in the plastic bags cca 300ml for 100 shillings (3p//5c). They are also very popular sodas from the Coca Cola company.