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Regular donations are collected via the direct debit using the UK bank account and sort code only.

If you are a non UK account holder and wish to sign up for the regular donations to Whisper, please choose to donate via PayPal - regular donations. You can set up the payments with your debit or credit card without having the PayPal account.

One off donations are taken by your credit/debit card.

*All donations are processed securely.
When donating via PayPal (regular donation option) we will not be able to claim any Gift Aid*.
When donating via PayPal (one off payment) you will be redirected to the individual PayPal donation web page. This service is free of any percentage charge and will add Gift Aid* for UK taxpayers.
* Gift Aid allows UK-registered charities to raise an additional £0.25 in refunded tax for every £1 donated by a UK taxpayer.
Please contact us if you have any questions, or in case of any unexpected error when donating!Let us know if you wish to make a donation directly to our bank.
You may notice an error when trying to donate via the online widget above, in this case please visit and search Whisper by the reg. n. 1139078, and donate directly .
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