Sponsor a Social Worker:

The overwhelming majority of Whisper Children  and other that our team come across through outreach have experienced extreme food insecurity, and significant domestic abuse and neglect. The full-time social worker position allows us to attend to the physical and emotional needs of each child. That means we are able to provide medical accompaniment for all children for acute and follow up care, oungoing counseling, regular home visits for children and families requiring extra support.
The cost of a qualified social worker is £60 a month.

Sponsor a Teacher:

Whisper's Schools hires certified, energetic teachers with the same passion of making a dfifference. Our teachers have a very close relationships with their students and provide a safe, nurturing environment in the classroom. Sponsorship of teachers includes futher trainings, teaching equipments, salary and benefits The cost of a qualified teacher is £52 a month.

Sponsor a Nurse:

Whisper is taking care of children with special needs and care. Sponsoring a nurse will make a massive difference when taking care of disabled, termally ill or temporary sick children.
The cost of a qualified nurse is £60 a month.

Sponsor a gardener

Gardneres are well taking care of our daily agricultural programmes. They also collect the water from the bore hole many times a day, they clean the compound and make sure the area all around is clear of health hazards and its safe.

They plant fruits and veg, taking care of the lifestock, collect daily food and milk for us. You can contribute to their work just with £10 a month that can top up their salary which is £36 a month.