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Run with Whisper!

Royal Parks Half Marathon 2015

Run with Whisper!

The Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon is London's largest half marathon. It starts and finishes in Hyde Park on Sunday 11 October 2015.

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This is one of the most scenic city runs in the world, passing Buckingham Palace and other famous landmarks.

Over 16,000 runners take part in the 13.1 mile (21km) run; this year YOU could be one of them!


Why you should run with us

Royal Parks Half Marathon
  • 100% of the money raised will go to loving care, education and health for Ugandan children and their communities. All admin and fundraising costs, including the cost of these half marathon places, have been covered by an individual donor.

The difference you will make

Whisper's Childrens' Home

With help from people like you, we provide a beautiful, inspiring temporary home for severely neglected children who are often on the edge of death when they arrive.

They're nursed back to health, given an education and where possible returned to live with members of their extended family with ongoing support.

Lazia before and after

This is Lazia. We found her covered in parasites, anaemic, skin broken by malnutrition. She needed a blood transfusion. Her mother had died and her father could not be traced. Look at her now! With your help we can work with more children like Lazia.

Kagoma Gate Nursery School

We run two thriving schools for 120 small children, some of whom had no access to education before we arrived. With your help we can educate more children.

Whisper's medical programme has cleared a wide area of jiggers which is a common, disabling and much neglected medical problem. With your help we can continue this work.

So, join Team Whisper!

Royal Parks Half Marathon marquees

And come and visit us in our stall in the marquee area on the day!

Photos of the Half Marathon on this page are copyright Royal Parks Foundation, used with permission