Whisper International Academy
The dream of many
The Whisper International Academy boarding school is a project with a mission to continue achieving the brightest possible future for the children in our care, helping them to be well prepared for the responsibilities of adult life.
Whisper Academy is not just a boarding school focusing on the best way to educate and motivate a child but also a place where children find Safety, Security and HOME. We want this school to be The Best that a child could experience in their vulnerable years, as well as the best working place for people who are willing to make a difference through providing high quality services to the pupils and to each other.
Thanks to our academy, Whisper will be able to continue educating up to hundreds of orphaned children under one roof and one management following our excellent standard of care. We have obtained building permission on our 11 acre plot in Buikwe district.
Whisper will be also able to open the door for more and more children who we have worked with, visited or heard of but most importantly who we believe are the only option for the poverty-free future of Uganda.
We promise to put every single brick right! 
Contact us for more information and/or to see the architectural plans and bill of quantities.