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Coronavirus update

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The children's hospital is still open, with some staff living temporarily at the hospital to avoid Uganda's travel ban. Uganda's lockdown is severe and most other medical facilities in the area are likely to be effectively closed. We have arranged a fleet of cars to bring emergency cases to the hospital during the travel ban. Please donate if you can, to help Whisper's patients through this difficult time.


Hello! We're a charity that funds Whisper's Magical Children's Hospital in Jinja, Uganda.

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Here are just some of the treatments that people like YOU helped the hospital to do in financial year 2018-19. Many of these children might not have survived without help from people like YOU

Blood transfusions 2,399
Burns and scalds 32
Malnourished patients 145
Total number of patients 13,319
Donations received for hospital running costs $254,300
Average donation per patient $20.95
Average donation per life saved that would not otherwise have been saved $1,284


  • Baby with octopus
    Baby with octopus

    The octopus was hand-knitted in Sweden and it is said to remind young babies of the umbilical cord.

  • Main Operating Theater
    Main Operating Theater
  • Sleeping patient
    Sleeping patient
  • Delivery Room
    Delivery Room
  • Hospital classroom
    Hospital classroom

    Patients and the staff's children can go to school in the hospital without leaving the building.